Celia & Kashmir


Nine years ago I set out to explore the world
of dogs. A year was spent investigating breeds
and breeders. My artist’s heart and soul was
totally captured by the elegant form, grace of movement and incredibly sweet nature of the
Italian Greyhound. With that commitment I
entered the world of purebred dogs and the loving
and showing of Italian Greyhounds in particular.

I lived in snow country and had chosen an extremely short haired dog that would need special garments to keep warm-----not so easy to find if you own one with the proportions of my dog---a deep, deep chest for racing, a tiny waist, long legs, and curving rear with tail held between legs. Anyway, why use something ordinary when I could create something extraordinary?!?!

My first dog’s name was Kashmir to reflect (1) the velvety soft texture of her hair and skin, and 2) the travel I missed by insisting on having her at that time. She certainly needed to be kept kozy! Thus the name Kozy Kashmir was chosen for my business. I made prizes for my breed’s national specialty shows, received requests from others desirous of my designs---and this business was born. Now I have dressed everything from Great Danes to Chihuahuas. Each day presents me with happy new ways to use my talents.

When not designing and creating these fashion statements I joyously breed and raise Italian Greyhounds. Please visit my kennel site to view these adorable cuties. Occasionally there are puppies available to very special homes.

Celia Weatherhead
Celia Weatherhead


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