Measuring Your Dog

To insure the perfect fit for your dog's new fashions, please follow the instructions below.

I pride myself in my custom designed garments. However, this is a partnership between me as designer and you, the lucky dog lover. Accurate measurements are a necessity! Please use a cloth or plasticized cloth measuring tape. (Neither a string/yardstick combo nor a metal rule tape can give you the correct sizing.)
How to Position DogYour dog needs to be standing totally upright on all four feet with head erect----as shown in this sketch:

If your dog tends to jump or pull you may find it easier to enlist the help of a friend or family member to gently support the dog in this proper position while you take the required measurements.
Most people find it easiest to print this measuring page then carry it to a convenient place to measure the dog and record. Then return to the computer to fill in your measurements and email page to us for the pattern creation.

Questions? Contact us by email or phone: 440-665-7493


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