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Life's Daily Necessities for Small & Toy Breeds

“Mind Your Manners!”TM (male belly bands),
“Fancy Pants!”TM (female seasonal britches), Luxury Bedding, Raised Feeders,
Collars and Leashes, Treats, Bait Bags, Yorkie Wrappers, and Shopping Totes
Mind Your Manners!
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This size: $25.00 each or 4 for $90.00

Great fit for helping train puppies, males that mark territory, or
older incontinent dogs.
Shaped back makes for more comfortable movement.
Underneath side holds self stick
pads. Wash and dry like a:
dream: just press super industrial
strength Velcro closure tightly
shut, turn inside out, and wash in
machine (nicer if you don’t throw it in with linty towels). Wonderful to wear when visiting in-laws or others; keeps your baby welcome!

Available Prints:
Manners01=chocolate brown small plaid
Manners02= teal, brown, black stripe
Manners03= brown/black animal print

order xs: width 3”
length: adjusts 10” – 12”
(enough space for a poise pad)

Buy 4 and Save Save 10% when you buy 4!
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Great fitting and adorable to behold! These darling britches hold pad for the “in season” girl and also hold urine if need be since a heat cycle seems to make them need to wet more frequently. The ruffles are only to make you and others smile! Visit others in the security that your puppy won’t have an unwelcome accident in your mother-in-law’s home or elsewhere inappropriate.

Order extra small (x-small) for Chihuahuas and Yorkies

Available Prints:
FP100 - pink and blue plaid
FP200 - blue ribbons and bows on white ground
FP300 - red and moss floral print on pale melon ground
FP400 - cherries on dotted black ground
FP500 - abstract sea green print
FP600 - shades of melon on cinnabar ground
FP700 - blue flowers on white ground

Price for this size $40.00 each or 4 for $140.00

Save when you buy 4
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Completely adjustable
Velcro waist starts at 9”.

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Used to prep for shows and protect coat, our wrappers come in three sizes. There are four large easy functioning snaps from top of front neck to chest. They are open from chest to rear except for covering rear legs. All wash and drip dry quickly.

3 sizes available:
Slick interior surface on all four insures that the wrapper moves smoothly over wraps.
small - length (top of neck to tail end) 12 - 13 inches
medium -13 -14 inches
large -14 - 15 inches
Price: $60.00

WRP100 iridescent purple/blue poly taffeta (non-stretch)
WRP200 bright flowers in calypso colors (stretchy Lycra)
WRP300 navy with green/gold brocade print (non-stretch)
WRP400 café-au-lait soft stretch velvet

Shopping Totes

Wherever you go, take your pup in style! Tote
has attached interior lead for pup’s control/safety. Comes
with matching zippered case for cell phone, keys, credit
cards, lipstick, etc. Tote measures 21" x 15" ~ zippered
pouch measures 9½" x 6½"      $95

Shopping Tote

Pet Tote


Our 5/8 inch adjustable matching ribbon collars and leads or our puppy collar/lead all-in-ones are suggested
for Chihuahuas and Yorkies. See pictures below for examples we recommend and click on Collars/Leads to
see full array of 5/8 inch adjustable ribbon leads.

One of our recommendations is “Tinseltown” (shown here in mint; also available in lavender or baby blue)
This style is an adjustable ribbon collar, 5/8 inch wide, with matching lead. This ribbon is sequined for a touch of glamour.        $95.

Lightweight Puppy Collar All-in-Ones

Another style we recommend for petite breeds is our lightweight puppy lead. We have lightweight 5/8 inch
ribbon collars with lead attached. We call this style our lightweight “all-in-one” is made in martingale
fashion, only to be worn when you are taking them out. These are walking and safety leads, not meant to be
worn in the home.      $50.

LPL101 “Gold and Rubies”

LPL 102 “Fashionista”
LPL103 “Carmel”
LPL104 “Barcelona”

Bait Bags

“The Westminster”
Our most exquisite bait bag is made from the very beautiful Stingray skin. It features an adjustable belt with stylish “dogwear” hardware. Could do a second life as cocktail party accessory for you (credit card, cash, lipstick). Or… buy a second one and (shhhh) keep it just for you. $155.

Plastic inserts available at $5 each or 3 for $12.

“The Regional”
This heavy duty all leather bait bag is pliable and smart-looking.
May be worn across chest or around waist.     $45.
“The Weekender”
This clever little wrist fitting leather bait bag is a dream to wear and use. The almost flesh-colored wrist pocket on elastic cuff closes with Velcro. The sound of it opening alerts your dog to the treat that may come if he is ring perfect!
A request from my MinPin friends that I was delighted to fill!
Price: $50.

Luxury Bedding

LXB101 “The Bone Bed” All dogs love to snuggle under covers
so we have given them the ultimate luxury: a comforting furry
blonde and black cheetah printed fleece base bed with attached
thermal blanket to snuggle or hide beneath when desired. Features
a heavy-duty snap-on bone-shaped pillow which can also be used separately. (30” x 31”)       $225.
LXB201 Lush Cushioned Bed in black and gold leopard print
furry fleece, reverses to black “Sherpa.” Washes and dries
quickly. Compliments room décor, easy to take along on trips,
and perfect for a size 1 carrier. (sized 12” x 17”)        $45.
LXB301 Lush Cushioned Bed in soft-to-the-paw snow leopard fleece.
The perfect fit for a size 2 carrier, this thick bed also enhances any
room. Quick to wash and dry; will look good for years.
(sized 15” x 24” )        $65.
LXB401 Papillon Bed (great for Yorkies, Japanese Chins,
Chihuahuas and, of course,
Papillons.  This satiny little nest has either silky bows on the blush
version or butterflies and dragonflies on the brightly colored versions--
-purple, turquoise, blue.       $75
(inner dimension 12”, walls 2” x 5”)

LXB405 Bed of Bows       $75

LXB501  Black and gold leopard print furry fleece pillow with ball fringe trim.  Attractive in home décor.  Animals adore both the soft support and the fabric’s texture.  Cover removes for easy washing
when needed.      $75

Pillow measures 24 ¼” x 24 ¼” x 6”

LXB601 Pucci-colored Poochie Nesting Bed
Absolutely wonderful combination:
Fabulous appliquéd ribbons embellish both the inner and outer supportive cushioning ring. The interior pad is a delightful feeling shaggy soft shocking pink fur like fabric on one side and reverses to lime green ultra soft fleece. The inner pink/lime pillow may be washed separately if needed or the outer case of outer supportive ring also zips off if necessary for washing. A perfect delight to the eye and a true attraction to the snuggling dog or dogs.
Sized a generous x this bed permits use by one or more pups.

Price: $85.
LXB701 Blonde and black Couch Throw - This cheetah fleece couch throw matches the “Bone Bed”.  Sized
a generous  62” x 59” so that one or more dogs (and you) can enjoy the luxurious softness and warmth for a comforting cuddle.   $195.


Every dog needs to be rewarded for being your best ever friend. We believe in keeping
them healthy choices while still delighting your dogs. We recommend two only:

Virbac’s Dental Chews
For their teeth,
gums, and breath. Contains 30
chews. We recommend breaking
them into small pieces for dogs 6 lbs.
and under.      $10

Chicken Feats

All Natural Dried Chicken Feet
These are such
fabulous favorites of the canines that I chop them into
small pieces to make them go farther, last longer, and
make the dogs think they are receiving more special
things more often (always the proper canine politics!)
They will perform mighty feats to achieve this reward!


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