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Shearlings $175
(Average length is 8 ¾ inches and girth adjusts from 11 ¾ -14 inches)

One-of-a-Kind genuine lamb shearling coats—check back soon for new offerings.
Be unique, be outstanding!  Be kind to your darling!  Care:  Dry Clean.   Click on images for enlarged view.

SC0001 “Zebra” suede leather (reverse side-black suede)

SC0002 “Muskrat” Stadium Coat (reverse side-brown leather)
SC0003 Plum Colored suede (reverse side-fluffy fur)
SC0004 Teal “Fox” (reverse side-teal leather)
SC0005 Bottle Green Suede (reverse side-fluffy fur)
SC0006 Oxblood Shearling (reverse side-same fur)
SC0007 Dark Brown Bomber Jacket (reverse side-golden brown “beaver”)
SC0008 Spring Green Suede (reverse side-curly lamb)

Fashionable Winter Coats

FWC0001 $145 Red, green and gold checked, heavy-
weight velvet with moss colored poly satin lining and beautiful
metallic sparkling, twisting ties. Dry clean.

[ size details: snapped neck opening: 11½” – 13” ~ back length: 9 ¼”
(looks great on dogs up to 10½”) ~ girth: 10” – 14½”

FWC0002 $175 Dragonfly Coat—lush heavy-weight velvet with
knitted collar and pompoms; lined in matching dragonfly print and
may be further adorned with sparkling, colorful rhinestone
dragonfly pin. (add $10 for accompanying pin.) Dry clean.

[size details: neck opening: 12” The knitted sweater neck cuff may be
either worn high or rolled over (as pictured) ~ back length: 9” (looks great
on dogs up to 10½”) ~ girth: 10” – 14½”]

The “Tracy/Hepburn ’07” Heavy black thermal coating
trimmed with ruffled animal print fleece. Attached chest piece
maximizes warmth. When ordering, be certain to give us the length
from nape of back of neck to beginning
of tail base. Machine wash in cold water in lingerie bag with like
colors or hand wash (our preference, so the ties don’t tangle) and hang
to drip dry (or may give just five minutes in dryer while still in lingerie bag). $75.
[size details: neck opening: 9½" ~ back length: 9” including soft ruffled edging. ~ girth: accommodates 9” – 12” chest, looser ties fit just about all “teensies”]

**If you desire a custom cut of the three above garments—please complete and email us the Kozy Kashmir
measuring sheet. There is an additional $50 fee for this service and requires three (3) weeks additional turnaround
time to complete your order.

Faux “MINK” Coats

FWC0005 (black)
Available in either white or black
“mink”. Lined with an adorable black
and white plaid taffeta with black
flocked bows. The tips of the velvet ties
are finished off with sparkling dangles.
Price: $150.

[size details: completely adjustable with velvet cords]

Please select Color
FWC0004 (white)

Matching hat available in either white FMW04W
Get the Hat
Please select Color
I'll Take It!
Mink Hat

or black FMH05B

Royal Robes

Perfect for a wedding or any formal affair! $175

RR0003 Rich blush colored brocade studded with silver beads, lined in oyster colored poly charmeuse, trimmed in oyster bridal gimp and tied
with poly silk ribbons and silver
beads (accessorized in first picture
with one of our gr-r-ruffles: see
accessories) Dry clean.

[size details: maximum neck opening:
11” ~ legs free ~ girth adjusts from 10
½ - 15½” ~ length accommodates 8
¾” - 10 ¼”]

RR0004  Chinese green and gold brocade banded in gold cording, trimmed with gold Chinese ball buttons and poly silk ribbons, lined in
a complementary golden quilted Chinese brocade.  Dry clean.

[size details:  maximum neck opening: 10½” ~ legs free ~ girth adjusts
from 11 ¾ - 15” ~ length accommodates 11” - 12½”]

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