PrÍt a Porter - Luxury Apparel for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pugs, and other Toy Breeds

Yorkies & Chihuahuas --- a special site for the "teensies"


Hand wash, drip dry. $150
*See size details below

JAM0001 “Tiffany”  Cassidy (size one on left) and Samantha
(size two on right)
“Tiffany”  blue stretch velvet.  


JAM0002 “Calypso”  Bold and sassy, lightweight stretch Lycra. 


JAM0003  “Manhattan Elegance”  Sophisticated
pewter fern print in stretch velvet.



JAM0004 “Clowning Around” Iridescent turquoise
Lycra sporting orange eyelash trim.


JAM0005 “Kyoto”  Extremely soft stretch
cotton and Lycra in navy and “liquid” gold.



JAM0006  “Mermaid/Frog Prince?”  Whichever sex,
this metallic green number is sure to amuse.


JAM0007 “Velvet Lace”  Black stretch velvet
overlaid with golden lace print. 



JAM0008  “Little Devil”  This hot little number is
perfect for Valentines Day, Christmas,
Fourth of July—or any time you want to be a little bad…
Metallic red Lycra


JAM0009  “Snuggles” A thin fleece
print for your little darling.


JAM0010  “Valentine” Black stretch velvet
sprinkled generously with red metallic hearts.


JAM011 “Wild Child” Black and charcoal
gray animal print on silver stretch velvet.


JAM0012 “Carnival” Iridescent Lycra,
Jammie on Left $150. Shown with ac-
companying Rhumba Shirt on right.

Accompanying Rhumba shirt is $100. In shirt section. If purchased
together the total is only $225 for the complete set.
[Set fits sizes 1 & 2]

Save $25 on the complete set - Please select


Jammies Size Details:
Size 1

Size 2

Size 3

Size 4
Weight Under 4 ¾ lbs. 5 - 7 lbs. 8 - 9 lbs. 10 - 14 lbs.
Neck Up to 8½" Up to 9½" Up to 10 ¼" Up to 11½"
Length 9" 10" 12" 14"
Circumference behind front leg 14" 17" 19 - 21" 21 - 24"
  Suggested for
Yorkies and Chis
Suggested for
Yorkies and Chis
Suggested for
Chinese Cresteds
and small Italian Greyhounds
Suggested for
Italian Greyhounds


Hand wash, drip dry. $80.

SHT0002  “Frosted Lime” stretch velvet.
Avalailable only as small, medium, or large:
Small: 10-11" neck, 15-17" chest, 11" length.
Medium: 11-13" neck, 17-19" chest, 12½" length.
Large: 12-14" neck, 18-23" chest, 13½" length.


SHT0003 “Bringing You Posies”  Small flowered print in red and
black velvety textured Lycra.
(Available as xs, s, m, l, and xl: see measurements below.)


SHT0004 “Forever Yours!”  High impact blue with iridescent silver
hearts and dots on velvety textured Lycra. Silver bows down back.
(see measurements below for xs, s, m, l, xl.)


SHT0005  “Sweet Mint”  Stretch velvet in a delectable shade.
For girls: lace collar
For boys:  lace collar or plain
(see measurements below for xs, s, m, l, xl.) 
Type of Collar

SHT0006   “Havana Nights”   for
the Mambo King!  Sassy little eyelash number
lets you dance the night away!
(see measurements below for xs, s, m, l, xl.)

I'll Take It

SHT0007  “Poochini’s Mme. Butterfly”

Vibrant carmen stretch velvet

accented with lavender butterflies
(see measurements below for xs, s, m, l, xl.) 
SHT0008   “Shooting Stars ”  Black stretch
velvet highlighted by glittering pattern of
shooting stars.  Perfect at any black tie gala!

(see measurements below for xs, s, m, l, xl.)

I'll Take It

SHT0001  “Rumba Shirt”   Iridescent dots on tangerine ground   trimmed in iridescent turquoise ruffles.  $100.

[fits size 1 and 2 dogs.]

Size Details for “Bringing You Posies,” “Forever Yours,” “Sweet Mint,” “Havana Nights,”

“Poochini’s Mme. Butterfly” and “Shooting Stars” below:
Shirt Size Details:




Neck 8 - 9½ " 10 - 10½ " 11 - 11½" 14 - 15" 14 ¾ - 16"
Chest 13 - 15" 14½ - 16" 15½ - 17½" 18 - 20" 19½ - 22"
Shirt Length 8 ¼" 9½" 11" 12½" 13½"


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