PrÍt a Porter - Luxury Apparel for Yorkies, Chihuahuas, Pugs, and other Toy Breeds

Custom Sweaters & Coats for the Teensies

Our sweaters are custom measured and custom designed --- unique patterns made for your very own dog.
This results in a wonderful couture garment every time with beautiful fit and sumptuous textures.
If you already know us from our prêt-a-porter fashion statements, imagine treating yourself
and your pampered canine to our made-to-measure couture garments.

CSW001 “Laguna” A strong turquoise, bright spring green with metallic flecks highlight your sweetie’s little body. An interesting combination of color and mixture of wool, polyester and nylon. Very stylish. Price: $150.
CSW002 “Call Me Irresistible” The dark Prussian blue wool body looks wonderful on all colors of coat and is accented by a poofy, bubbly trim in blues, greens, grape and cinnamon. Price: $150.
CSW003 “Simply Bodacious” The name says it all!
This overall bright salmon yarn contains flecks of other
colors which makes it downright bold and sassy --- and,
best of all, it’s cuddly soft. Price: $125.
CSW004 “Frost” Wonderfully warm and soft --- baby
blue with a shot of silver and eyelash in the soft mix
of yarns. Price: $160.
CSW005 “Candy” Wool, acrylic and nylon combine for a
very soft cuddly and slightly furry looking sweater in shades of
pink. Very feminine. Price: $140
CSW006 “Play Misty” A gentle aqua nylon and acrylic
sweater trimmed in white, silver and aqua at
hem and neck. Price: $125.
CSW007 “Fantastic Flirt” Glistening loops and soft eyelash
will dress your darling in jewel tones of gold, yellow diamonds,
rubies and onyx. Very dressy, very special, very photogenic ---
and has exceptionally
high loft for warmth and comfort. Price: $160.
CSW008 “Blue Cable” A sportier look for the athletic
little dog . Price: $150.

CSW009 “Diva” A dreamy green new wool and acrylic
sweater with touch of mohair and finished off with hem and
ruff of frizzly, sizzly blue and green! Price: $150.

CSW010 “I Dream of Spring” A very soft baby yellow nubbly yarn
blended of acrylic and rayon has delightful mix of pink, saffron,
orange, green and occasional silver bubbles at hem and neck. Has a
lovely soft sheen. Price: $140.
CSW011 “Firefly” Hot colors of red, green, blue and
purple metallic sparkle and flutter throughout this sweater
as they weave in and out against the twilight colored virgin
wool. Price: $140.
CSW012 “Turquoise Dreams” A mixture of mohair
and nylon in deep blue and green works together to
create an inviting turquoise snuggle-up for precious!
Price: $140.
CSW013 “Strawberry Sorbet” Softness, fluff and
sparkle all contribute to this sweet little number. A
delicious dessert confection for the ordering! Price:
See Accessories: CHT013 and NPC013 (coming soon)
CSW014 “Sunshine” Such a softie! Sunny yellow
highlighted with a spark of gold. This sweater has it all ---
bouncy, happy color with a positively yummy degree of
fluff to ward off winter chills. Price:$125.
CSW015 “Aspen” Extra fine merino new wool
creates a lush garment in vibrant blue accented by
unique cuff and neckpiece. A real attention getter!
Price: $150.
CSW016 “Cherries Jubilee” No description needed
with that name! A marvelous choice for Valentine’s
Day, Christmas, New Year’s, or any time you want
your baby to feel special. Price: $125.
CSW017 “Mighty Spicy” Think of curry and
saffron accented by flecks of garnet, citrine, peridot
and sapphire…a perfectly charming and warm
concoction! Has rolled turtle neck. Price $150.
CSW018 “Peridot, Aquamarine, Tourmaline”
Bright jewel tones play against the darker
background for an exciting combination. Especially
noteworthy on fawns and reds.
Price: $150.
CSW019 “Twisted Cable” Featuring a
wide cable up center back, this especially soft wool/acrylic blend is available in red, pink or blue.
Price: $150.
Choose Color:
CSW020 “Rosebud and Ribbons”
Lovely Italian yarns in luscious shades of
coral, pink and salmon. Delightful ribbons form cuff and neck
and the two matching rosebuds that adorn the collar. Price: $160.
CSW021 “Key West” Lime mohair trimmed in Lily Pulitzer inspired tropical colors.
Price: $150.
CSW022 “Grape Ice” Wool, acrylic, poly and rayon blend together to shape this glistening purple sweater. Absolutely gorgeous in the sunlight. Price: $150.
CSW023 “Gold Dust” A blend of two yarns gives this sweater a unique dusting of gold. Very soft yarn worked in an interesting pattern for a textured and slightly thicker surface. Price: $150.
CSW024 “Lovey Mine” Nylon with a little mohair in a striking shade of hot pink with exceptional blend of cotton, acrylic, nylon and metallic woven together for sparkling hem and collar and also creates the flower adorning the shoulder. Price: $160.
CSW025 “Sweet Pea” This very special sweater is knit of a
dreamy soft combination of luxurious angora, merino wool,
cotton and nylon in a fresh shade somewhere between celery
tonic and iced limeade. It features a soft stripe amid the fluff.
Price: $175.
CSW026 “Orange Marmalade” A full range of oranges with
flecks of gold to further enliven and enhance this sweater.
Made very soft by blending extra fine merino wool and
polyester ribbon. Price: $150.
***SEE MATCHING ACCESSORY! (CHT026 - coming soon)
CSW027 “Snowy Cedars” Lush mohair and acrylic blend
with rayon and metallics in vibrant shades of green and
blue. Suggests a crisp snowy day and the warm comfort of
a fluffy elegant sweater. Price: $150.
CSW028 “Parisian Autumn” Richly colored Italian yarns in vibrant autumn colors. A wonderful texture
created by ribbon-like yarn of cotton, rayon, polyester and
nylon for a thicker, denser sweater trimmed in beautiful glistening purple yarn. A very elegant look!
Price: $175.
CSW029 “Peacock” The pride of the peacock with its tail unfurled---all those incredible shades come together in this outstanding combination of yarns. Purple, green, blue and yellow shine forth to wow the world. Dressed in this unique sweater your beloved special one will also be “pretty as a peacock”. Price: $175.
CSW030 “Elegant Funk” Costly yarns but what impact this
Sweater makes! Kid mohair trimmed in a most unique
combination yarn for the fancy hem and collar ruff. Breathtaking!
Price: $180.
CSW031 “Park? Let's Go!” Lush fall colors put you in the
mood for a happy outin. Throw on your accessory
(NPC031) and out the door you both go for fun and games!
Price: $150.
CSW032 “Ocean” Soft shimmering combination of
wool, acrylic and nylon create a winning sweater for
warmth and glamour
Price: $160.
CSW033 “Twinks”
Lively shades of coral and lime
and two coordinated yarn types create a snug little body
accentuated by lacy frilled neck and hip ruffs.
Price: $160.
CSW034 “Winter Park”
Stay cozy warm this winter in
your pretty pastels! If you have to accompany your human
to the snow filled (or better yet, shopping)---be sure that
she wears her matching accessory to also be cozy (NPC034)
Price: $160.
CSW035 “Suger and Spice” and, of course, everything nice
for that party girl in all of us! Step out in style!
Price: $160.
CSW036 “Lime Ice”
Bright ultrasuede-like bows in
shades of purple, shrimp, and pumpkin charmingly
decorate the shoulder of this dreamy soft, high-lofted lime
Price: $155.

Custom Shearling Coats : $250.

CSC101-119 Yorkie and Chihuahua

Made to your exact specifications from your dog’s measurements. Select your choice from one of the
following skins pictured here and fill out our
measurement page to be emailed to us. The pattern will
be created for your dog to best display its beauty and to keep it snuggly all winter. These custom coats all have
a full chest piece for winter warmth.
A variety or closures is available and those styles can be seen in larger coats by clicking Custom Shearling Coats.
A simple and elegant closure is the tiny swivel snap and several miniature d-rings which permit you to change fit to wear over other garments or not. This is shown in the black coat on Samantha, the lucky Chihuahua.

Other closure possibilities include swinging hearts, pompoms or a custom shape that may be
meaningful to you. We can keep coat sleek and simple or put a tiny pocket on outside
sporting an initial (and permitting your pup to carry her own little plastic refuse container;
we can supply the first five for $2.50 or in multiples of 5).

Please mark your color choice below and click I'll Take It!

 CSC101  “LONDON”---Sophisticated midnight blue leather with reverse of dark navy photo color

 CSC102  “VANCOUVER”--- Matte black leather embossed with subtle plaid pattern  with a rich reverse side of medium length rust-colored “fur”

 CSC103  “VAIL”---Fabulous Lapis Lazuli leather with reverse of multi-blue dyed long “fur.” 

 CSC104  “WESTCHESTER”---Fantastic pelt of suede embossed with alligator pattern on a charcoal that has a hint of plum.  This reverses to a closely sheared silvery brown “fur”.

 CSC105  “BUFFALO”---Glazed rich merlot colored leather with close sheared merlot  reverse .

 CSC106  “FAIRBANKS”---Ox blood leather with closely cropped oxblood reverse.

 CSC107  “DURANGO”---Shiny glazed dark chocolate brown leather with close-cut dark chocolate “fur”.

 CSC108  “WYOMING”---Copper penny smooth leather reversing to self same closely sheared “fur”

 CSC109  “MONTANA”---Dusty blue glazed smooth leather with dark blue closely sheared reverse.

 CSC110  “DALLAS”---Rich butterscotch colored suede reversing to silky long hair.

 CSC111   “NEPAL”---Walnut suede with beautiful long curls on reverse side.

 CSC112  “FARGO”---Antiqued-looking curry yellow suede with soft closely sheared cream colored reverse.

 CSC113  “ROMA”---Scarlet suede with closely sheared reverse.

 CSC114  “NEW YORKER”---Glazed chestnut brown leather with close-cut “fur”.

 CSC115  “COLORADO”---Beet red distressed leather featuring a matching closely cut twisted pile reverse.

 CSC116   “MAINE”---Wonderful pelt of mottled moss green and beige reversing to close-cut tight pile.

 CSC117 “MILANO”---Golden yellow smooth leather pelt reversing to  sunny closely sheared “fur”

 CSC118  “PARIS”--- lush black suede with a very sleek and soft grey/beige close-cut “fur” side
resembling chinchilla.




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