Stylish Canine Collars

This department is currently being updated. Below are brief descriptions of the leads we offer.

The 5/8 inch wide: 4 foot long double velvet (velvet on each side with a strong webbing sandwiched between) in beautiful colors (as seen on the adjustable ribbons collar pages) (also many are beautiful with the various leather martingales) $50.

The 7/8 inch wide "traffic lead", a two footer used in crowds or with tall, big dogs----also in beautiful colors. $50.

The 5/8 inch wide: blue rolled style lead for certain collars (eg---Cezanne leather)------a 4 footer.

The 5/8 inch wide flat Malachite: 4 foot lead to match both Malachite collars and Firenze collars.

A rolled brown and a rolled black leather 4 foot lead

The special 4 foot decorative walking leads created with "Natalie" and "Super Star" are $90.00 each and are made custom to your dog's neck measurement.