Stylish Canine Coats

We feature custom fitted coats that are both stylish and durable.  Our beginning niche was for the sighthounds and they remain a special joy for us.  We still feature beautifully tailored coats for their  downward sloping hind quarters and tails.
We now fit all breeds…..   No matter how they carry their tail, they will be comforted by the perfect fit, fabulous warmth   (and will sense your pride in how beautiful they appear)!

Light Weight Kozies (perfect for home wear or quick "in and outs")
Transition Coats (300 weight thermal coating fleece-- perfect for fall/early spring walks or all winter where snow is lighter; also good for the coated breeds)
Double Thermal Coats (600 weight thermal coating fleece—great for heavy snowfall{eg. My Italian Greyhounds will play Frisbee in the snow in this coat, most unusual for an “iggie”!} also wonderful for wind-driven freezing sleet so often experienced at Westminster shows)
Winter Wonder Coats (thick warm coat with outer layer of beautiful leopard(cheetah?) fleece layered over a warm black Sherpa pile)
“The Ultimate Storm”— (requested and supplied to a customer in Northern Michigan whose dog remains outside for long periods of time in the snow) (a combination made by taking the heavy Double Thermal Storm Coat and applying a third layer of our heaviest teal colored rain-wear fabric---it proved to be a very handsome and serviceable product)
“Spring Rains” (light weight silver colored, water-resistant fabric over choice of either lime or pink fleece)
“Heavy Rains” (heavier teal colored rain-coating fabric over choice of either red or purple fleece---may be monogrammed for $20.00 charge with either dog’s name or kennel name) A few sighthound coats are kept in stock and may be shipped within or before 2 weeks. When orders are heavier we may require 2-10 weeks. You may always inquire as to delivery schedule.